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David and Colby Trusty Reflect on Family and the 4H Community

August 4th, 2014 by kelly

Sitting down with David Trusty and his granddaughter, Colby Trusty, I couldn’t help thinking that David reminded me of Sam Elliot in one of his renowned western films. Calm and steady, David knows farming and especially his cattle.

grays harbor fair

This will be Colby Trusty’s final year showing animals through 4H.

In 1954, David became a longstanding member of his 4H club. With interests ranging from cows, horses, sheep, and wood-working, David feels 4H was a part of what gave him a good, solid upbringing. “I was exposed to healthy competition. We were told to win without bragging and lose without squealing,” David smiled. This saying stuck with David through his childhood years in Iowa, to farming in Missouri, before finally landing in Grays Harbor County around 23 years ago.

Just one year after moving, David became involved with the Grays Harbor County Fair and has long been on the Fair Board. He now uses his influence to help ensure positive fair interactions with young 4H participants. Some of which, have been his grandkids.

With a family well rooted in 4H, it only makes sense that David’s granddaughter, Colby, carries on the tradition. “I was kind of put into it by my parents when I was in third grade,” Colby said sheepishly. “But I grew to really love it.” Now a high school graduate, this is Colby’s last year of showing cattle at the Grays Harbor County Fair as a 4H student.

grays harbor fair

David Trusty has instilled a family role of giving back. He has served as a volunteer with the Grays Harbor County Fair since moving to town.

President of her club for over five years and counselor at the 4H summer camp, Colby insists 4H has been one of the most positive influences in her life. Her favorite aspect has been showing her animals at the Fair and attending the yearly 4H camp. “Outside of arts and crafts and outdoor activities, there are lots of leadership and game activities. Nobody judges anyone there, you are free to be whoever you want to be,” explained Colby in reference to 4H camp.  ”One of my friends that I’ve gained from camp, I see walking down the halls at school and he’s quiet and reserved. But at camp he knows he can just be himself and he opens up and he’s this amazing, great person. It’s great to know that you’re able to be trusted there and be yourself and not be judged.”

David insists 4H has done so much more for his children than teach them about animals and crafting. “Every one of my children and grandchildren who was in 4H came away with a positive respect for the program and learned to be a better citizen,” he said.  ”It teaches you to be involved in the community because if you allow yourself to be a part, you learn to share your talents, your concerns, to help make this a better town or county.”

“Personally, I want to give back because I’ve gained a lot from living here,” David said, who chooses to give back by helping cultivate positive experiences between 4H groups and the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds. He doesn’t show his own animals very often, as his main focus is to help others. With his family there to show animals and his wife being the superintendent of the arts department, the yearly event is truly a family effort.

grays harbor fair

Cows are just one piece of the Grays Harbor County Fair slated for August 6 – 10.

Today, Colby does so much more than show her own steer.  She also raises and breeds her own beef cows. Her Charolais Cows in her grandpa’s field are stocky animals with solid meat on their bones. There in the herd stands the first cow she ever bought at age eleven. Now nine years old, the cow is  the oldest she owns. She has shown her Charolais cows at the Grays Harbor County Fair, Puyallup Fair, and at other county fairs across the state.

Though a strong interest, cows probably won’t be her way of life. Instead, Colby is headed to South Puget Sound Community College to pursue a teaching degree. She has the same perspective as her grandpa after a childhood in 4H: she wants to give back to her community. By teaching in an elementary school, Colby will have a lifestyle of contributing to her town.

The Grays Harbor County Fair begins on August 6 and continues through August 10. Colby will be there with her steer and David will be back and forth between animal barns, checking in on 4H members and making sure everyone has a good time. Colby will also be showing her horse for the first time during the open-show event – a special way to end her final 4H year.

Though it will be her last year showing in 4H, I doubt this year will be the last we see Colby participating in the community event. The Trusty habit of being at the fair each summer will continue on – we’ll see what they come up with next!

Grayland Open Brings the Best Jet Ski Riders to Grays Harbor

August 3rd, 2014 by kelly

On August 8 through 10, just seven short miles from the City of Westport, the waves off of Grayland Beach will have more action than normal.  The Grayland Open will take place along this popular section of coast in Washington State. Above the crashing breakers and foamy surf, the best amateur Jet Ski free riders will be competing in round one of the US Nationals. The event isn’t just limited to US riders, as six of the top riders in the world will be competing right here in Grays Harbor.

grayland open jetskiThe Grayland Open was nothing more than a thought in the head of organizer Dan Lindgren ten years ago. A decade ago, Dan would invite people to experience Westport and enjoy the surf of the Washington Coast. As his personal event got increasingly popular, he talked to people at other events and decided to make an event happen locally. What started as a local contest, has grown every year since with the possibility of having 50 to 60 of the world’s best riders participating in this year’s event.

On the waves near Grayland State Park, the region is now home to one of the premiere Jet Ski competitions in the US, with daring riders performing aerial tricks on the turbulent waves of the Pacific Ocean.  The Grayland Open is one of four competitions at this level and one of the top surf and air competitions in the US. The other major events happen around in the United States in places like Daytona, Florida, Virginia Beach, Virginia and the Oregon Coast.  READ MORE HERE


Enjoy the Best of Westport’s Seafood Bounty

July 29th, 2014 by kelly

WESTPORT, WA: Bring the family to Westport and celebrate their 68th annual Seafood Festival on Saturday, August 30th. Westport seafood pro’s will be cooking up salmon, whitefish and oysters, plus shrimp cocktails, corn on the cob, salads and garlic bread – $15 per person, $12 for seniors. Want just a bite? Enjoy a hot dog or clam chowder. Beer or wine also available.

Westport’s historic MaritimeMuseum is the setting for the annual feast, with live music by “Catch of the Day.” The BBQ starts at noon and goes to 5 PM – after your meal, shop local arts and crafts booths on the Museum grounds, check out the Museum itself, or stroll the marina esplanade. Call the Westport Chamber of Commerce for more information – 1-800-345-6223, or go to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Acclaimed Ocean Crest Restaurant Reopens

July 25th, 2014 by kelly

 Four generations of Curtright family rebuilds after devastating fire

ELMA, WA – Three years after a fire swept the Ocean Crest Resort’s main building, the top-rated destination restaurant reopened Friday July 11 to a patiently waiting audience. Located on a scenic bluff above Sunset Beach on SR 109 in Moclips, the Ocean Crest Resort received rave reviews and national accolades over the years for the restaurant’s hospitality, fine dining and exceptional wine selection.

The Ocean Crest restaurant originally debuted in 1963 — a decade after the Curtright family opened several resort cabins in Moclips for tourists. Family members have operated the resort since. Matriarch Barbara Curtright Topete, began her family’s culinary legacy as she simmered large pots of her award-winning clam chowder for weekend guests and local fans more than sixty years ago.

“It was thrilling to see Mrs. Curtright Topete handle the first shovel of dirt at last year’s groundbreaking. Now, we are anticipating the return of one of the most celebrated restaurants on the Washington coast,” said Mike Bruner, director of Grays Harbor Tourism. “All of us in the tourism industry wish the Curtrights the very best in the reopening of the restaurant that features Pacific Northwest cuisine.

It’s a star in Grays Harbor county.”

“We are delighted to finally re-build one of the best restaurants in the Pacific Northwest,” said third-generation family member Jess Owen who is returning to the restaurant as assistant general manager. “My grandmother, aunt, uncles and mother have all worked at the resort over the years. I joined the staff as a youngster and my wife and two boys have helped behind the scenes as well. They make up another generation of Curtrights at the Ocean Crest. Lately, we’ve been working 18-hour days to get the facility ready for our next generation of guests.”

Chef Coty McDonald presides over the Ocean Crest kitchen staff with a dedication for locally sourced and foraged ingredients that result in an eclectic, yet delightful menu. Fresh selections range from elk to wild salmon. He formerly worked at the Shilo Inn in Ocean Shores but his background includes a range of chef duties at famous restaurants in New Orleans, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon such as Aquariva. McDonald, 30, is married and lives in nearby Ocean Shores.

The multi-million dollar restaurant project was designed by Al Gozart of Harbor Architects in Aberdeen who has assisted with previous expansions at Ocean Crest. The 4,800 sq. ft. restaurant features a dramatic one-level design seating 48 guests in the dining room plus 24 on the patio and accommodating an additional 22 patrons in the scenic-view lounge. A bright and airy gift and art gallery returns to the lobby entrance.                                                                   

The interiors showcase the restaurant’s spectacular ocean views framed by refined Pacific Northwest décor. Much of the wood surfaces that cover the walls and ceiling was harvested on-site. In addition to efficient LED lighting, geothermic HVAC system and heat-capturing kitchen equipment will keep energy costs low.

General contractor is Nor-Cat Inc. of Cosmopolis and Anchor Bank provides financing. The restaurant employs a staff of 16. 

About Ocean Crest

The Ocean Crest Resort has offered year-round lodging to visitors of the North Coast of Washington for more than a half century. Located on 100 acres of forested property overlooking the Pacific Ocean on SR 109, 18 miles north of Ocean Shores, the AAA-rated Ocean Crest has 45 units, an indoor pool, and an onsite spa. Call 800-684-8439 or visit their web site at for reservations. Address: P.O. Box 7, Moclips, WA 98562.






Take Your Dog on 5 Hikes in Grays Harbor

July 21st, 2014 by kelly

Those of us who are dog owners know there are numerous areas around Grays Harbor that allow dogs on trails. We also know that finding the right trail or beach for both you and your dog can be a challenge. What may be an enjoyable day of hiking for you could be extremely uninteresting to your dog and vice versa.  If you are like me, you have your favorite area for your four-legged friend that you return to ad nauseam. Why are we settling for repetition when we have some of the best hiking in the country right in our own backyard?

Looking over the trails in Grays Harbor, it is actually difficult to find many that do not allow dogs. Most of the amazing hikes in Grays Harbor are on National Forest Service land, which are always dog-friendly. While the National Forest Service does have a strict leash law, their trails more than make up to your dog by offering them incredible smells and soft trails.

Read more here:

50 Things To Do in Grays Harbor

July 21st, 2014 by kelly

Call it a bucket list.  Here is a list of 50 things to do around Grays Harbor, keeping us busy and exploring year round.

  1. Visit the Satsop Bulb Farm and get a bouquet of daffodils
  2. Hike Lake Sylvia
  3. Sample wine at the Westport Winery
  4. Dig clams at Washington Beaches
  5. Hunt mushrooms in the forest
  6. See a performance at the Bishop Center and cheer on local talent
  7. Explore the Interpretive Center in Ocean Shores
  8. Visit the Lake Quinault Lodge and forest
  9. Find antique or thrift shop treasures in Aberdeen
  10. Run the Dirty Dash 5k
  11. Explore a historic railroad bed at Preachers Slough Trail
  12. Visit the Grays Harbor Farmer’s Market in Hoquiam
  13. Tour the “Lady Washington
  14. See a concert at the D&R Theatre
  15. Attend the Grays Harbor County Fair
  16. Enjoy a picnic out at Wynoochee Falls
  17. Day camp on the beach in Moclips
  18. Spot some eagles on the beach
  19. Visit Westport Marina – climb the viewing tower and walk the boardwalk
  20. Take a tour of the Running Anvil Carriage House in Montesano
  21. Attend the Parade of Lights in Montesano
  22. Float down a river of your choice
  23. Have a day outing at every State Park in Grays Harbor
  24. Attend a high-school drama performance
  25. Run a 5k + polar bear plunge at Lake Sylvia
  26. Spend 4th of July at the Splash Festival in Aberdeen
  27. Go for a drive out the East Satsop on a Summer evening
  28. Attend the Loggers Playday in Hoquiam
  29. Tour the County Courthouse in Montesano
  30. Eat salt-water-taffy in Ocean Shores
  31. Enjoy camping at the Wynoochee Dam
  32. Canoe around Lake Aberdeen
  33. Eat ice cream at Scoops in Aberdeen
  34. Visit all the public playgrounds in Grays Harbor County
  35. Visit the boardwalk near the airport in Hoquiam
  36. Take ballroom dance lessons at the YMCA
  37. Have coffee and listen to local musicians at the Tinderbox in Westport
  38. Walk the waterfront in Aberdeen
  39. Check out the Chehalis Valley Historical Museum in Montesano
  40. Visit Shaffner Farms and get a pumpkin
  41. Collect shells and browse the shops in Seabrook
  42. Watch your local high school team win a football game
  43. Enjoy horseback riding on the beach in Ocean Shores
  44. Hang around at All Wrapped Up in Montesano for coffee and conversation
  45. Hunt for a tree on a Christmas Tree Farm
  46. Attend a Driftwood Theatre performance
  47. Get lost in a corn-maze at Chapman Farms
  48. Play community league volleyball
  49. Skate around the Harborena in Hoquiam
  50. Stay up late and watch a meteor shower from your backyard or campsite

Day Trip to the Beach – Decide between Ocean Shores or Westport

July 21st, 2014 by kelly

Visitors to Washington’s capital, Olympia, are fortunate to be able to day-trip to the Pacific Ocean and the beaches of Grays Harbor County. Along the way, there are many sights and attractions to enjoy in pursuit of those fresh ocean breezes.

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Step Inside the Lake Quinault Lodge

July 21st, 2014 by kelly

Surrounded by giant Sitka spruce trees, Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar trees, situated next to one of the more pristine lakes and rivers in North America, the Lake Quinault Lodge sits quietly on the shores of Lake Quinault.

lake quinault lodge

The Lake Quinault Lodge was originally built in 1926, following a similar style to Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park.

Guests enjoy the breathtaking views of one of the wettest areas in the contiguous United States. In 1926, this classic rustic lodge was built in the same style as the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone National Park and the Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, making it perfectly suited for the heavily forested locale. Set in one of three temperate rainforests in the world, the Lake Quinault Lodge has been the destination of tourists and presidents alike.

Read more at….

The Antique Farm-Engine and Tractor Association: History with a Roar

July 7th, 2014 by kelly

Imagine a day when nothing was as easy as flipping a switch. Engines were bigger, louder, heavier, and so much more difficult to transport.  A 35 horse-power Foos, weighing in at 10,000 pounds would have been used for pumping oil and water or to generate electricity. This enormous stationary engine is one of Tim Stangeland’s favorite pieces of antique equipment to show off. As loud as it is large, the mechanically inclined of any age are sure to be drawn to the noise this giant makes as soon as they hear it.

Tim Stangeland, once a teacher, poses in front of a machine he and his former students built.

The Antique Farm-Engine and Tractor Association (AFETA) boasts many members. A few of the local ones are Tim Stangeland, Jim Borden, and Colin Mcafee. Each one has an affinity for the mechanical and a passion for history.

Read more at:

Five Ideal Camping Locations in Grays Harbor

July 7th, 2014 by kelly

Numerous camping experiences exist in Grays Harbor, but it can be overwhelming to find the perfect site for your camping adventure. Grays Harbor is full of some of the more beautiful locations in the state and the campsites around the region highlight that beauty.



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