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Farm Fresh Guide

Grays Harbor County’s fertile land and mild climate provide the perfect growing environment for many crops.

There are currently over 400 farms in the county, utilizing about 4 percent of the county’s 1,917 square miles of land. (Over 88 percent of the county’s land is in forest.)

The 29 growers shown on this map will sell product directly to you. We hope that you enjoy your visits to their facilities and that you enjoy their fine products.

Tips for Enjoyable Harvesting

  • Call ahead for availability, hours and prices.
  • Respect farm property and follow any instructions.
  • Bring plenty of containers.
  • Please keep children under control.
  • Leave pets at home.
  • Wear “grubbies” and sturdy shoes for U-pick.
  • Enjoy yourself and the farming experience.

View our Grays Harbor County Farm Fresh Guide.

NOTE: All information on his page furnished by WSU Extension in Grays Harbor County

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