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Clams & Crabbing

Shellfish play a vital role in the environment, culture, and economy of the Pacific Coast. First harvested by Northwest tribes thousands of years ago, shellfish have been a local favorite for literally centuries.

Pacific coast shellfish – A delicious, healthy, sustainable resource that enriches our environment, our culture, and our economy.

The Pacific razor clam is an exceptionally meaty shellfish which ranges from California to Alaska. It is abundant on surf-pounded ocean beaches, but also occurs in sheltered areas along the coast. Limited diving observations have indicated some adult razor clams offshore for up to one-half mile. Razor clams dredged in water deeper than 30 feet, although similar to the beach clam, are a different species….[more]

Several species of crab are found in Washington’s marine waters and along its shores, though only a few are large enough to be of commercial and sport interest. Crabs are crustaceans, having an exterior skeleton or shell. Two crab species (Dungeness and red rock) are harvested locally. Crabs are commonly harvested with crab pots, but also caught using ring nets, dip nets, and by wading in shallow water during spring and early summer…[more]


Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife sets Ocean Sport Clamming Seasons. Watch this page for announcements of scheduled openings as information becomes available….[more]

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